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5 factors to succeed in eCommerce [2021 Edition]

2021 has begun and it is time to throw out the old and embrace the new. Have you begun the review and clean-up of your online offering? There is an overwhelming variety of tools and services that promise to transform your online offering into a retail powerhouse. However, in the rush to adopt new tools what is often lost is the primary goal setting. 

In this blog, we will explore five factors that we believe are key to help narrow your search.

1. Connect with your customers

We all want to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment and make the world a better place. Your customers are no different. According to a survey by Nielsen ESG, 73% of consumers said they would “definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment”. That is a huge statement, but how do you show your customers that your company values and ideals are aligned with their attitudes? 

A page on your website outlining your ESG goals is certainly helpful, but more importantly making it very clear that the technology your company uses is helping reduce the environmental impact or making life better for others. Client testimonials about the impact your products have is more powerful than a five star review. Does the technology you use create shorter supply chains and reduce the pollution used to ship goods? Your website can highlight this use of technology. Over the coming months, Delvify will be sharing some information on how our technology is helping customers reduce their environmental impact. 

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2. What is the word?

How do you get the customers to visit your website to see your ESG goals though? How can you generate the leads and do retargeting? This is where you will need to review your advertising strategy. If your company is stuck on optimizing keywords, I am here to tell you that is so 2020. Programmatic advertising must be a priority and managing a Programmatic strategy with a strong partner like Delvify allows collaboration and better performance across all digital campaigns. Using a strong partner to manage and fulfil Programmatic campaigns is an efficient way to save time and money. You increase the return on investment for advertising and attract the leads aligned with your company values. 

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3. Where is it?

How do your customers find what they are looking for? Many customers leave a site frustrate because they can’t find what they are looking for. Search needs to be intuitive and easy. Many companies spend endless hours tagging images and creating links in an ever increasing spider web. Technology in our society today allows you to break through this tedious manual process. Visual AI embedded in a recommendation tool offers your customers an immersive and iterative experience. By allowing your customers to point their cameras at objects they like, and using Delvify’s Visual AI recommendation technology, they can be connected immediately to the products they desire. 

Good recommendations are able to :

  • Address the “I want it now” mentality of customers and allow them to skip the search bar
  • Allow customers to stay on the site longer, and enjoy finding what they seek and often stumble on related content of interest.

The result? Lower bounce and exit rates and increases in engagement. 

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4. Wait...Don't Go!

What if your customer decides to leave? This is where onsite messaging can help. Promotional message, targeted sales messages and countdown banners all have a role to play in the customer journey. Companies like Cybba specialize in this custom made messaging. Working together and good company can help you shape those messages. Don’t do it alone! Experts can help you refine your message and entice customers.

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5. Don't worry...

Finally, be happy. Happiness online might seem impossible, but review your color palette for a refresh in 2021. 

Every year, Pantone publishes its colors of the year – the perfect place to go for inspirational highlights to your pages! Pirouette and Pickled Pepper are hot this spring and Macchiato for the summer

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Good luck in 2021, send us a post about your refreshed websites. We will repost them for you and get in touch with our team today to start reassessing your strategy for 2021! 

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