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5 Reasons Why Shoppers Don't Buy From You. You May Be Surprised.

The world of eCommerce is vast, and consumers have a lot to choose from. Businesses have felt the frustration of having consumers visit their online store but abandoning their shopping cart once the time comes to check out. What could possibly be the reason behind this? We explore the top five reasons for this and the steps your business can take to resolve the issues. 

1. Poor Checkout UX

We are currently in the third decade of eCommerce and as consumers, we have all suffered from the poor checkout user experience. As basic as it sounds, many eCommerce sites cannot nail this important process on the head. Consumers will feel frustrated and annoyed if they undergo checkout complications and flock to a competitor brand if this is not done right. We have compiled a list that your businesses should get right:

  • Unexpected charges and extra charges
  • Limited delivery options
  • Having to create an account 
  • Having an overly long and complicated checkout
  • Buttons and data entry must work properly on all device sizes
  • Having to go through the whole process to find out what the total cost it
  • Lack of trust (e.g. no secure payment assurances) 
  • Payments not going through

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2. I can't find what I'm looking for

60% of consumers rate poor search functions and irrelevant search results as the most frustrating aspect of online shopping. Retail is inherently a visual process and when you shop-instore, you rarely start with just text. You often want to find a new look or outfit and sometimes you just do not know how to describe what you are looking for in words. We have definitely all faced the following:

  • I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know when I see it
  • I know exactly what I want, but I don’t know how to describe it
  • I want something like this, but I don’t know how to recreate it

These are thoughts consumers often find themselves thinking of and this is highly dependent on the search quality of the eCommerce platform. With the use of Visual Search, consumers can cut down the time of searching and scrolling for items that are irrelevant to them and be able to discover visually similar items that they are looking for. Delvify’s Visual Search solution is easy to integrate on your platform and will be an incredible feature to your eCommerce platform.  

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3. Your Customer Experience Isn't Up to Par

86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a greater customer experience and for a smoother customer journey. Many eCommerce sites have very one-dimensional product search – if I search for a blue shirt, I just get back a list of blue shirts in the results, some of which are not in stock. Limited, or poor product recommendations result in shoppers avoiding specific sites altogether. 

Consumers often go into a store and initially look for one particular item (e.g. a blue shirt) but look at similar items in the same section and realize they like a different colored shirt. Consumers may even spot a mannequin sporting the item that they are looking for and think the ensemble it is wearing is exactly the look they want. This is a problem that’s easily solved online through visual recommendations. It expands the boundaries of text search to give a more intuitive product discovery experience. I’m more likely to buy, and spend more if you show me personalized ‘similar items’ and ‘complete the look’ suggestions.  

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4. Your Values and Ethics Don't Match mine

Today’s post-pandemic consumer, especially the fastest-growing cohorts (Gen-Z and Millennials) are pushing brands to limit their impact on climate change and stop abusing human rights. Consumers are instigating change through their wallets, by choosing to only shop with brands whose values and ethics mirror theirs.

Today’s conscious consumer needs to know what the product is made from, where it’s made and what they can do when they’ve finished with it. eCommerce retailers need to be 100% transparent about how their products incorporate values of sustainability, environmental and human ethics. I don’t expect you to have solved these problems 100%, but I do expect you to be authentic, honest and transparent, and please don’t insult my intelligence by trying to greenwash me.  

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5. You don't inspire me

Most purchase decisions are emotional, based on particular feelings towards a brand and the aspirational lifestyle that consumers seek (price, product description, delivery etc.) Help the rational side of my brain justify the purchase decision already made by the emotional side of the brain. So, inspire me and trigger my emotional cues, I want to understand the value of your brand and product – think benefits, not features, how does this solve my problems, or make my life better in some way? 

Pictures speak a thousand words, so let me see what the product looks like. Don’t skimp on product images. Consumers want to see the whole picture and how the product would look and how they can style it with other accessories or other pieces of clothing. To be able to inspire consumers will keep your brand in their mind and if they are stuck and are looking for inspiration, then they are sure to go to your platform and purchase a full look from you.

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Delvify’s eCommerce AI solution not only brings inspiration to consumers but also provides a smoother customer journey, which is able to increase conversions and AOVs. If you want to find out more, contact us today and schedule a demo. 

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