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The world’s first AI-powered materials discovery platform accelerating the transition to a sustainable, net-zero Textiles economy. 

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Find out how you can identify materials with our AI-powered search and meet deadlines by shortening your design process.


Instantly showcase your material collections to deepen existing customer relationships at a global scale.


Powerful Search & Discovery for eCommerce. AI-powered product discovery and visually similar products to give online shoppers powerful customer experiences.

smart discovery

AI-Powered Search

Find the right materials each time with our AI-powered search that includes Visual Search and NLP technology.  

Always accessible

Discover Materials at your Fingertips

Identify the right materials at any chosen level and compare them with our Smart Filter to accurately determine the best choices for your design faster. 

work together

Project Collaboration

Create and share material collections with your team for effortless collaboration across the supply chain.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Reduce textile waste and your carbon footprint through accurate fabric selection. Provide transparency within your supply chain to stride towards your company sustainability goals. 

Always accessible

Insights & Analytics

Gather insights to determine material trends for your designs and materials collection.  

What Our Clients Say


"Delvify's Textile AI solution improved our speed on new sourcing items by 2 weeks on average for warp knits, as we could manage requests directly. It also improved our "right first time" sourcing requests on fabrics by 62%. We now have more space on the timeline for testing approval, lap dip and fit."
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Joe Diestel
Managing Director at METEX

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