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Can cX drive customer loyalty? yes, it can.

Picture this…the perfect day out with your friends and family and you are handed your favorite flavor of ice cream. You go in for a lick…and it falls off the cone to the floor. Horrors! The owner of the shop might calculate the cost of the ice cream cone and decide that margins will be erased if that ice cream were to be replaced for free. So, why does the owner have an ice cream store? What is the mission of the store? If it is to deliver delicious and fun experiences to customers then there is no hesitation about replacing the cone.  

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This is the core of a good CX. CX is not about making customers more likely to buy your items, and it is not about margins. Although these may be improved, the reason for better CX is to communicate your values to your customers. It is about making your customers want to come back and buy from you again and again. When those values are aligned, those customers are retained. The company, Genesys, int he US sums this up nicely in one graph: 

Source: The US Customer Experience Decision Makers Guide, Genesys

How it's done in APAC

We cannot tell you what will be the best approach for your customers and your site, but we can give some interesting and thought-provoking examples from the APAC region, some brands you may not have heard of but have addressed their CX challenge in different ways. 

Tokyo Yakult Swallows

For a baseball team that is not quite in the same category as the Yomiuri Giants (or the Kintetsu Buffalos), they were struggling to maintain connection with their fans. They did what many sites could to improve performance – listening to their fans. Through an exercise in NPS, they learned that the fans wanted an incentive to join the fan club and also a chance to interact more closely with the fans. Although it was a relatively simple fix, this was only understood once their client’s voices were heard and once changes were implemented, the fans returned. 

home run baseball GIF by Boomerang Official

Lane Crawford

Just like the woman in America who bought a table online only to find out it was doll-sized, perspective can be tricky for eCommerce platforms. Returning products are also a perennial headache for many online shops and leads to disappointment from clients. Lane Crawford has tacked with the hover-over. By hovering your mouse over an image, a secondary image is revealed showing the product being worn or handled. A bag that looks huge on the website may in actuality be just the right size when seen on an arm. Reducing this frustration will be able to increase customer satisfaction and reduce frictional costs to the business. 

Work Work Waiting GIF by Maria Tran


Although travel is currently a thing of the past, DBS have not forgotten about it. By listening carefully to customers, they designed an app specifically for travel. A one-stop platform allows customers access to an array of travel essentials via a single tap, with services for various stages of their journey. Key features include currency exchange, travel insurance, cards services, an overseas spending tracker, being able to peek at your foreign currency balance and travel tips. The connection with your bank account is not always about the balance and by giving the customer more information of exchange rates and travel tips, the message from the bank is that they are delivering exceptional service, aligning with the customer values. 

travel hello GIF


Outside of agronomic circles, ICRISAT will not be well known but must be mentioned for the innovative way they engage with their customers. ICRISAT works along the whole value chain of pulses in an integrated manner to create a win-win situation for the farmer, consumer and our planet. So how can you get your consumerse to engage with a dry topic? With fun! By integrating stereograms into their material, they achieved new levels of engagement. Don’t forget that customers are looking for fun as well as a good deal!   


For a mattress company, you might not think that there is much that can be done to create an exceptional experience for your customers except for selling them mattresses that they sleep on comfortably. However, Casper decided to incorporate AI into their customer engagement strategy. They created a chatbot, Insomnobot3000 that was aimed for individuals that were suffering from insomnia and gave them a channel to speak to Insomnobot3000 when they could not fall asleep and provide them with promotions for mattresses that would be suited for them too! Although this strategy was done a while back and there were no machine learning elements to make the experience more personalized, it certainly is a way to provide users with a unique experience and connect with your brand in a different way. 

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Loyalty is King

As stated from the examples above, it is clear that each company has different ways to deliver unique experiences for their customer base. As a brand, you need to find out what aspects of the journey need to be uplifted for your consumers so that they will feel like they are going through a more personalized experience and if they feel as though you understand them then you will be able to successfully retain your customers! 

Rely Korean Drama GIF by The Swoon

At Delvify, CX is THE defining motivation for our tools. By integrating a good Visual Search tool onsite, we give you the unexpected joy of product discovery to the customer and valuable data to the merchant. Delvify’s dashboard data analytics will allow the merchant to fine-tune product line ups, give feedback to the advertising teams and provide a real time view of customer engagement. But the real joy is providing a better experience for all. 

Get in touch with our team today if you want to find out how uplifting your CX will lead to higher levels of customer loyalty. 

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