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Delvify uses the power of vision to strengthen its c-suite

Announcement of two executive additions to the Delvify team to bolster its growth and potential globally 

Delvify, a Hong Kong-based AI start-up, has today announced two new additions to their team in order to strengthen its C-Suite, with Stephen Rumbelow joining as Chief Strategy Officer (“CSO”) and Giles Hunt joining as a Strategic Technical Advisor. Both previously worked at Virgin, are recognized digital leaders and between them have over 20 years professional experience spanning sales, marketing, cloud-based technology, software development, combined with proven track records in driving growth and value across European, Asia-Pacific and Latin-American markets.

These two new additions to the team will significantly strengthen Delvify’s C-Suite, and enable Delvify to scale more rapidly and onto a successful financial exit. 

By adding further quality to its C-Suite, combined with the support of BOSS Capital Partners, Delvify is confident this will significantly increase its acceleration to profit and exponential growth, as they launch their flagship product, eCommerce AI.

Product search and discovery can make-or-break consumers’ online shopping experiences and Delvify’s eCommerce AI Visual Search solution is proven to make product discovery 5X faster and increase CVR and Average Basket Values by +20%. Visual Search is the most wanted technology from Gen Z and Millenials and is already built into popular search engines and social media platforms.


Getting Into the Zone

New CSO, Stephen Rumbelow, who previously worked for Virgin and Optimise Media, recently launched Zone 4 – a specialist growth accelerator for eCommerce and tech start-ups around the world; will be joining the Delvify Board as well as providing strategic consultancy.

Stephen will be working with Delvify’s Founder, Charles Allard Jr. and the senior management team to develop and execute the ‘Growth Accelerator Model’, designed to engineer optimum sales, marketing, and customer value management capabilities that will help Delvify accelerate to profit and head to exponential growth. 

‘I’ve known Charles for many years and when he called me up to ask for advice, I was instantly struck by his vision for Delvify and the leading-edge AI technology he’s developed,” commented Stephen Rumbelow. “As an amateur road cyclist, being in Zone 4 is the ultimate ‘sweet spot’ – the place where you get maximum performance gains from the efforts you put in. The same applies to business, and I’m super excited to be helping Charles and the Delvify team to get into that zone’ and help rapidly scale their flagship eCommerce AI product into the key retail and home furnishing eCommerce markets for Visual Search solutions across the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America regions.’ 

Global CTO, AdTech and Cloud Expert 

Giles Hunt, previously worked for Virgin and will be able to leverage his experience as a Global CTO to provide technical guidance to the Delvify senior management team. Giles brings with him strong AdTech experience and has a proven track record in building modern cloud products, software development and product management. His knowledge of how to build, motivate, and retain global technology teams is proven many times over and will help bolster Delvify’s technological capabilities. 

Giles will be working alongside the established technology and product team in Hong Kong and Singapore, to further strengthen the proprietary algorithms and platforms, developing new solutions for Delvify’s clients and broadening the product portfolio. 

“I’m really excited to be working with Delvify and further developing their Visual AI platforms. As we move forward with the technology stack we will continue to invest and grow the team across Singapore and Hong Kong.” 

“A Reasonable Hit and We’re Home!”

Charles Allard Jr., entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Delvify commented, “Getting to first is always the hardest of bases but we have developed state-of-the-art computer vision and natural language processing, giving us the world’s most accurate Visual Search and Personalized Recommendations for product discovery for global eCommerce businesses.” He goes on to say that, “getting to second and third base is tough, the opposing teams know you are there and are waiting to pick you off, but with Stephen and Giles joining Delvify’s C-Suite, I’m confident with their unrivalled skills and experience we can steal or run fast to get to third, where with a reasonable hit, you are home!”

About Delvify

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with a R&D hub in Singapore, Delvify are specialists in building native AI solutions. They have consolidated machine learning and predictive analytics into their products to help businesses drive growth through the power of AI.

Through the predictive AI solutions, brands are able to drive efficiency and increase revenue for businesses, providing seamless experiences and convenience through understanding the needs and personalizing the customer journey. 

Their flagship product, eCommerce AI, is the world’s most accurate Visual Search and Personalized Recommendations engine for product discovery. 

For further information and to learn more about Delvify’s products or discuss interview opportunities, please contact: 

Jasmine Chu – Growth Manager  t. +852 2870 0989 e.

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