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Delvify’s AI-powered product discovery gives online shoppers vastly powerful customer experiences. We enable forward-thinking eCommerce businesses to drive increased Conversions, AOVs, and Revenues. 

Increase Product Discovery

How It Works

Transform your customers’ online shopping experiences with retail-trained AI for product search and visually similar suggestions. Connect shoppers with the products they will most likely want to buy. 

why ecommerce ai?

Create an enhanced customer experience

Through implementing Visual Search technology, you can shape a more relevant shopping experience. By making product discovery 5X faster, customers can have a faster and more accurate shopping journey.

How does it work?

Visual Search

Retail is inherently a visual process – when you shop offline, you rarely start with text. You often want to find a new look, outfit, or theme.

Visual Search helps ties these items together based on aesthetic links in a way that text cannot capture. Sometimes you just don’t know how to describe what you are looking for in words. 


AI-Powered Visual Search

Auto Categorization

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision to analyze product feeds and enable greater accuracy of categorization.

Natural Language Processing

NLP optimizes search to deliver more accurate search results with functions such as category matching and autocomplete search queries.

Computer Vision

CV enables consumers to search for products by camera or image upload, which makes it easier to find desired items.

measure performance

Retail Intelligence Dashboard

Access all your metrics in this Machine Learning platform and gain full visibility into the performance of your platforms.

power is in your hands

Why Choose Delvify?

Powerful AI

Get cutting-edge technology that uses the latest advancements in CV, NLP, and ASR to power your solutions.

Easy Integration

We make AI available and straightforward. Our tools plug into your existing platform and applications. They are easy to integrate into all major eCommerce platforms.

Speed & Accuracy

With near-zero latency in our solutions, we ensure that users can not only find what they want but get them faster than others.

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Our advanced AI solutions help forward-thinking people like you increase online sales, deliver your products on-trend, on-time, and at-cost to scale your business.

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