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Fashions Fade, Visual Search is Eternal

The evolution of fashion has changed constantly, and some styles are even back as a new trend. So how can consumers keep up with so many trends? What if consumers did not have to comb through pages and pages of apparel to find the right style or to follow the latest trends? If consumers could just upload a photo and find the most visually similar garments from your site, not only do they save time, but they also get the most relevant results! So, no matter how much fashions change and fade, Visual Search will always be your best friend and assist consumers with finding the latest fashion trends.  

When consumers are finding a particular style or trend, they may be looking at one specific piece of garment or a whole outfit. So how does Visual Search work in all of these settings and how can it actually prove to be helpful with the customer journey? We have outlined three examples in which Visual Search proves to be a powerful ally in online shopping: 

1. Trouser Browser

The frustration of finding the perfect outfit on multiple eCommerce sites has been a common process that many of us have found ourselves in. Imagine being able to point your phone camera at a desired pair of pants, take a photo of it and search that photo on your favorite eCommerce platform, showcasing the most relevant results based on your photo. How easy would that be? Well, it is not just something you can only wish for, this technology is real! With the magic of Visual Search you will be able to find those bootcut jeans that you have been seeing everyone wear in the streets. Customers can find their dream ensemble by simply uploading a photo, the ease of this process will keep them coming back for more!  

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2. Visual Search is Your Sole Mate

There is a saying that goes, “Never underestimate the power of a shoe.” Many people see shoes as a subtle way to showcase their personality. With numerous brands and styles, it is easy to get lost in finding the right shoes for the right occasion. With Visual Search, consumers can upload photos of shoes that they are looking for based on the color, heel, and shape of the shoe so that they can find visually similar shoes that will suit their personal style. This is done with Computer Vision that sorts through thousands and thousands of images and finds the perfect pair of shoes. With Visual Search finding the assorted styles that are suitable for your preferences, you can then be inspired through Recommendations to shape the pair of shoes that is exactly right for you!  

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3. Handle Your Hanger Management Issues

When it comes to online shopping, consumers sometimes go on a rampage and buy any items of clothing that they may see even though they may not be entirely satisfied by how the piece of clothing looks. This leads to an overcrowded wardrobe and does not become very sustainable if it turns out the different pieces of clothing were not what the consumer wanted in the first place.

With sustainability being a hot topic, being able to upload a photo to find the most visually similar outfits will minimize the chances of consumers purchasing items that will just go to waste. The growth of AR would also be a prime tool to be used after Visual Search. Customers would be able to find visually similar items through Visual Search and try them on virtually before deciding on a purchase. This will be an aid to the sustainability of the supply chain and reduce wastage and the carbon footprint that is involved when consumers want to return an item. Through Visual Search, consumers can also discover green, and eco-friendly products that they can add to their wardrobe! 

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How Can Delvify Help?

The three examples above showcase the applicability of Visual Search for different garments. Although the solution works in a synonymous way, it is clear that Visual Search can be a powerful ally when it comes to piecing together an outfit. The ease in finding ideal products will also help customers pick the pieces that they believe will be most applicable to their style and with the eco-friendly mindset that a majority of customers have, they will also be able to accurately pick out the most sustainable garments.  

Delvify’s Visual AI solutions includes both Visual Search and Visual Recommendations that can enhance the customer journey experience for anyone that visits your eCommerce website. Not only will you drive your revenue higher, but most importantly, your levels of retaining customers and brand loyalty will be much higher. Customers are always looking for an experience that exceeds their expectations and our Visual AI solutions will do exactly that for you!  

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