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How Delvify is Driving Innovation in the Maritime Industry with AI

We are excited to announce that Delvify has been awarded as 1 of 12 startups from 200 startups  around the world who joined PIER71’s Smart Port Challenge 2019 in bringing innovations towards the maritime market. The competition that was held by The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise granted Delvify a total of S$ 50,000 funding that will be utilized for prototyping development and test-bedding the solution within the maritime market.



… MPA and NUS Enterprise granted Delvify 

a total of S$ 50,000 funding …



With the help of Delvify’s predictive AI tools, we are driving optimal categorization and analyzation of their data, improving forecasting, decision-making and optimization of vessel space. We are excited to start working hand in hand with PIER71’s maritime corporate partners in the pilot project for the next 12 months to help transform the future of maritime industry.

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