Create a better shopping experience and drive more revenue with personalized product recommendations powered by Visual AI and NLP technology. 


Increase Product Discovery​

Improve the customer’s product discovery with our Visual AI. Recommend accurate products making the shopping journey easier and more relevant to drive more revenue.


Contextual Relevance

NLP (Natural Language Processing) goes deeper to understand other attributes, such as materials and sizes – accurately recommending similar specification products.

Increase Revenue

Drive more revenue by surfacing personalized recommendations increasing basket and conversion rates

Shop Similar Looks

Improve the accuracy of recommendations by displaying visually similar products

SMART Overlay

Reduce the need for additional searches with a personalized overlay to increase engagement

Intelligent AI Model

Powered by Computer Vision and NLP technology, our dynamic AI engine surfaces more accurate products to users


Compatible with all major eCommerce platforms

Visual AI is the future

Top brands are leveraging Visual AI technology to transform their online business, get ahead today

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visual ai growth by 2021
+ %
ai in ecommerce by 2025
+ %
Basket value
+ %
conversion rate

How to Get started

Data Integration Made Easy with Delvify's Visual AI Solutions

Upload Data

Connect your product feed to the Delvify Platform to power your AI solutions

AI Processing

Our AI models will learn and create your personalized AI powered algorithm

Configure and Deploy

Customize and deploy and start offering Visual AI powered solutions to your users

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