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The Rise of Headless eCommerce: What is it?

2020 has proved to be a year where eCommerce platforms have to adapt to the quick changes that COVID-19 has brought about. Customers have a wider outreach of brands that they can engage with and brands have to constantly work to see how they can adapt to the changing nature of what customers expect online. So how can you get ahead of the game in 2021?Headless eCommerce helps brands make these changes in a more seamless and optimized way. Below we discuss why headless eCommerce is ideal for your brand to adopt. 

Something New Everyday

Multi-Channel! Omni-Channel! Smart Watches! IoT! Most eCommerce marketers try hard to make a unique and compelling experience for their customers with a responsive design, multiple touch points and simple tools to boost engagement. But then they run into the faster developing and more complicated world where consumers access content and make purchase decisions in many novel and interesting ways and developers have risen to this challenge.

In a typical website you will have your front-end, which is your store front, what customers interact with and also your back-end which is the management of all the information exchange between the front-end and what is contained in your databases. That is a broad oversimplification, so please don’t write to us and point this out! 

Traditional websites will have both the back and the front tightly coded together. When you separate the “head” or the front-end from the back-end, you are free to use any front-end you want. How does this work? With APIs and a back-end system linked to your database for storing content. 

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same ol' thing?

If you are thinking this doesn’t really sound all that different for your online cardboard box store, you are correct. However, there are significant advantages for certain types of stores. 

  1. CMS Driven Organizations – if your business has a marketing strategy driven by content then the ability to sell content online and merge it to a specific website is headless for you. You can deploy content quickly over multiple channels seamlessly.
  2.  Market Leaders – personalization, AI, or AR driven tools can take months or years to develop on your own. With a headless eCommerce strategy, it will allow you to pick and choose the best of these cutting-edge tools and deploy them using a simple API. At Delvify, we have made our Visual AI and NLP personalization tools available to websites via code of site or through a simple API. As you will have figured out, headless eCommerce is all about the CX and Visual AI allows the eCommerce marketer to have the ability to respond to changing customers needs quickly and efficiently. Using Delvify’s personalized recommendation tools you can deliver a completely personalized user experience easily customizable to your own marketing needs. We offer the flexibility to deliver a journey that customers find relevant to their preferences. 
  3. Multi-Channel, Multi-National Marketing Driven Teams – if your customers access your product through multiple touch points and devices, and you want to create seamless digital experiences or even running a global organization, serving multi-lingual multiple front-end experiences,  you need flexibility and speed. Headless architecture is very easy to use, with your development team working in any programming language they are most comfortable using, driving quick and responsive changes.
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who uses this?

  1. Amazon – one of the most biggest digital brands that we know of utilize headless eCommerce. U.S consumers say that Amazon is “leading the way in digital” retail. This has set the bar and expectations of consumers quite high as they expect to find the same experience in other retail brands. The service, speed, as well as convenience that Amazon is able to bring about has given consumers the idea that this should be the standard for all brands. The personalization that Amazon is able to provide has made them market leaders in the eCommerce space. 
  2. Femme Luxe – it is not just big brands that are able to fully utilize headless eCommerce. It is particularly useful for smaller, independent brands to be able to create their own personalized experience for consumers as well. Through utilizing headless eCommerce, Femme Luxe was able to customize their platform to improve the appearance of their site to increase conversions and also time spent on their page
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what do i get?

Lots! The benefits for some organizations are immediate and profitable. Your platform can remain competitive as you can deploy any updates quickly responding to and delivering what customers want at a rapid rate without needless coding and without possible errors in your back-end system. Although the expectations of customers change over time, you will be able to deliver a consistent customer experience while being able to efficiently adapt to their changed expectations. This leads to more optimized experiences and an increase in conversions for your brand. 

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Get in touch with our team today if you are curious how your brand can adopt the headless eCommerce approach to maximise your CX! 

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