Introducing Delvify


We are proud to launch Asia’s newest brand, Delvify.  

Our closest clients and supply partners know our company as a supplier of advanced AI search, data analytics, Programmatic services and product recommendation tools, and we are happy to announce that after a thorough and exhaustive multi-month effort including extensive discussion with clients, Delvify was born.

What does Delvify do?

Delvify builds and deploys AI’s most advanced Deep Learning models to analyse and discover actionable insight from customer data.
Our models are deployed in our programmatic consulting, in onsite product recommendation and in custom-built models for enterprise clients.

Why a new company?  

About a year ago, our leadership team sat together to discuss how to support our client and their needs. The emergence of e-commerce giants, like Amazon and Alibaba, have changed the notion of what, “onsite service”, means.  Our plan started simply enough with asking our valued clients what they wanted from a supply partner. 

Based on your feedback we examined our company, our industry, and our competitors, and discussed how to support in the best way possible both now and in the future, our clients.  The main result was a deep dive into the data to discover how to offer the best Programmatic Customer experience and the most advanced AI tools to our clients.  

We are proud to offer a suite of advanced AI products that are in some respects better and more responsive to our customer needs than any other company, including the giants of the industry. We hope you will boost your customers satisfaction and your programmatic ROI using our new AI tools. 

Isn’t Delvify just another tech provider to online e-commerce companies?  

Delvify is different and has more to offer than simple SaaS. Our advanced AI tools offer a unique set of solutions to improve your operational and marketing efficiency.  We build and transfer models to the customers who need them, allowing all customers to meet their key performance measures and company objectives. Delvify is equipped to support all our customers efforts through a consultative and engaged process. 

We look forward to working together with you all, side-by-side, to help you reach your goals and dreams.  

Team Delvify

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