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what's happening? eCommerce highlights - May 2021 edition

April showers bring May flowers. Just like the blooming flowers in May, the eCommerce industry has also been blooming (as always) this month! Once again, we have rounded up a few articles about the eCommerce landscape. One major theme that we have noticed this month is that CX is a factor that is prioritized for brands as the post-pandemic lifestyle is starting to be more apparent. 

1. The difference between CX and DX and why they matter in eCommerce

Both CX (customer experience) and DX (digital transformation) have been making waves since COVID-19 has started, pushing retailers to be more present in the digital world. However, CX and DX aren’t synonymous. However, your brand can adjust your DX strategy in order to support creating a better CX for your consumers that visit your platform.

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2. Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus

A huge focus this month has to do with life after the pandemic is the customer experience that brands are able to provide to their customers. This article from McKinsey outlines how focusing on care and connection; meeting customers where they are today; reimagining CX for a post-COVID-19 world; and building capabilities for a fast-changing environment. With CX taking on a new dimension in this enviornment, brands should be aware on how to build a dynamic experience for their beloved customers. 

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3. 5 trends in digital brand management to watch out for in 2021

Even as life is getting back to normal, a brand’s digital presence is still growing in importance. This has led to brands having a stronger presence online. However, there are a few things that brands should take note of this year as everything starts to get back to normal. This article focuses on how the digital customer experience, sustainability, Visual Search, omnichannel marketing and the online presence is imperative to how your brand grows for the remainder of this year. 

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4. Headless Web Architecture Will Change the Internet

The pressure to provide a very strong and memorable customer experience is becoming more apparent with the rapid pace of digital transformation. With the increase in demand, brands are adapting by turning to headless architecture. This allows your brand to be able to meet your customers’ changing needs. If you’re curious on what headless architecture is and how you can use it for your own eCommerce platform, this article gives you a good outline into the benefits and challenges of it as well as what the future may hold for headless architecture. 

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