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what's happening? eCommerce highlights - october 2021 edition

Spooky season is upon us but this also marks the start of the holiday season. As we all scramble to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, the development of the eCommerce space may be able to shape a smooth experience for you to find exactly what you want.  We have once again gathered this month’s eCommerce updates for you to understand how the landscape is always adapting to new environments.

1. The New Balance between ECommerce and in-store shopping

As life starts to get back to normal, brands have to start thinking about the relationship of their retail stores and also their eCommerce platforms. With the efficient process of shopping online, retailers should aim to have that experience in-store as well to merge the experiences together. Consumers will be more picky of their experience and how quickly they can find what they want.

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2. AI's Role in Retail

With the pandemic, AI has help bolstered the online shopping experience to be better than ever. With the use of Visual Search, supply chain optimization, and virtual fitting, the eCommerce space has never been so fruitful. Now, this has to be translated across to the retail sector by seeing how AI can help improve the in-store experience. See what variety of tools can be utilized in-store within this article, remember not all these solutions would work for all brands – you have to pick and see what works best for your brand. 

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3. Proven Methods to boost the eCommerce customer engagement rate

We know that consumers have an always evolving purchasing pattern and the loyalty for brands have minimized with the vast variety of eCommerce websites online. So what are the ways to uphold customer engagement? This article explores ways that have been proven to help uplift this. Apart from the tips that this article has provided, Visual Search is also a method to be able to boost customer engagement. This interactive method is able to engage your consumers in a unique way.

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4. eCommerce trends that will give you a sneak peek into the future

As you are optimizing your eCommerce platform you may think what you could do to boost the conversion rates and the engagement rates. So what will be needed for the future of eCommerce? This article presents an infographic of the most important trends that will be crucial for eCommerce businesses to thrive in the coming months. This list includes the growth of mCommerce, the use of social media, and sustainability as well. 

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