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what's happening? eCommerce highlights - September 2021 edition

We are 3 months away from 2022, and the eCommerce industry really does not stop! If you want to find out what the next steps you should take for your eCommerce brand are, we have gathered a few articles from September to give you some guidance and direction. If you are struggling on the implementation of Visual AI solutions, then contact us today for a consultation. 

1. How AI-Driven Product Recommendations Are Driving ECommerce In 2021

You have probably had experience seeing recommended products for you on your favorite eCommerce platform, but how many times were those products accurate? With the implementation of AI & ML you can create personalized product recommendations, creating more relevant experiences for your customers. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction and engagement levels. 

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2. Is your data ready to fulfill the promise of AI?

We already know that all industries are hoping to boost their operations with AI, but how can this be done effectively and efficiently? Data accuracy is one that will be able to help improve that! If you are looking to drive innovation for your brand’s future then read more in this article and find out how you can prepare your data to make the best use of AI. 

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3. 4 steps to create the next-level digital experiences eCommerce customers expect

If you are stuck with creating a strategy to shape a better experience for your customers digitally, then here are a few tips for you to evaluate and revamp your digital strategy. Through different channels, you are able to create a seamless experience with the accompaniment of data analysis and partnerships. It was found that 94% of shoppers were very likely to buy from a brand again if they provided a good CX, so what are you waiting for? Find out how you can change up your digital experience in this article. 

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4. A New Era in Retail and eCommerce is emerging

The pandemic spurred a lot of growth within the eCommerce sector over the course of 2020, so what does this mean for the future of retail and eCommerce? This article explains a few key trends that we will start seeing, which include being more sustainable with our products. Consumers will expect transparency and authenticity from brands more than ever about the products that they are selling. 

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