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Our advanced AI solutions help forward-thinkers increase online sales, to deliver products on-trend, on-time, and at-cost to scale your business.


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eCommerce AI

Powerful Search & Discovery for eCommerce

AI-powered product discovery and visually similar recommendations to give online shoppers powerful customer experiences.

Textile AI

The World's First AI-Powered Fabric Discovery Platform

AI-powered fabric communication platform that streamlines workflow, and speeds up the design to manufacture timeline.

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of retail companies will be using AI within the next three years according to IBM.


of consumers rate poor search functions and irrelevant search results as the most frustrating aspect of online shopping.


of every advertising media dollar that marketers spend is lost due to poor quality data

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Transform your business processes using state-of-the-art computer vision, natural language processing and audio speech recognition.
Connect user needs to more efficient business outcomes and greater sustainability

Powerful AI

Get cutting-edge technology that uses the latest advancements in CV, NLP, and ASR to power your solutions.

Easy Integration

We make AI available and straightforward. Our tools plug into your existing platform and applications. They are easy to integrate into all major eCommerce platforms.

Speed & Accuracy

With near-zero latency in our solutions, we ensure that users can not only find what they want but get them faster than others.

“Retail is inherently a visual process as people intuitively think about products visually.” ​

Shoppers face many ways to try and describe the product they want. Words are limited in describing something visual, and shoppers don’t always know how to say what they’re looking for.​

Charles Allard Jr
Founder of Delvify

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Our advanced AI solutions help forward-thinking people like you increase online sales, deliver your products on-trend, on-time, and at-cost to scale your business.

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