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Here at Delvify, we are committed to be the embodiment of a global citizen.


What Sustainability Means to Delvify

We are devoted to support the efforts of businesses and improve the sustainability of their operations. Our values are built upon being socially responsible and protecting the environment. 

Leave the world a better place than you found it. 

One of our core principals is to harness AI-powered technology to help alleviate the environmental impact for each step in the supply chain. We also strive to encourage consumers to be part of the movement and helping them make more sustainable choices. Together, we can act as a catalyst to a more circular economy.

eco-friendly goals

Achieve Sustainability

How our products help you reach your company's sustainability goals


The act of eliminating waste.

We devote our time to design AI-powered technology solutions that help design out environmental and economic waste. By managing waste, it is not just physical waste we aim to reduce but also time wasted. We aim to ease the length of time for design processes and allow operations to be more productive.​


The unevenness in an operation.

People are a huge part of a company’s success and our solutions aim to lower employee burnout by creating more convenience and efficiency for operational processes in the supply chain. Track your sustainability contributions and pinpoint where efficiency gains can be made. 


The act of overburdening equipment and operators.

We help design out economic waste by lifting the burden of operations to make it simple and straightforward through AI. Find the best recommendations of sustainable fabrics and stride towards your company goals.

want to be more sustainable?

Not only do we help our valued clients achieve these values but we also adopt this into our own company culture as well. Every member of the Delvify team adopts this into their own personal mantra.

Through our advancements in AI, we are able to help companies hurdle over obstacles and achieve their sustainability goals. 

Our solutions can help your business achieve your sustainability goals. Find out more by contacting our team today!

Our advanced AI solutions help forward-thinking people like you increase online sales, deliver your products on-trend, on-time, and at-cost to scale your business.

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