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Diamonds Are Visual AI's Best Friend

The use of AI is prominent in many different industries, it is important to look at how each industry can be impacted and grow from proper use of AI. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But when it comes to searching for the perfect diamond online, the choice could be endless! This is where the use of Visual AI makes finding the perfect diamond a snap. Visual Search and Recommendations can be an incredibly important asset to jewelry eCommerce businesses.  

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What are the Issues Jewelry Brand and Retailers Face?

Our crack in-house research team found that a majority of online jewelry shops are using simple, native site search solutions that throw out irrelevant results to their customers. Brands and Retailers need a search solution that will help their customers find products effortlessly and efficiently. Many online jewelry shops use search solutions that return irrelevant or zero results no matter how long or complicated the words use are in that search. On top of that, many stores have expressed need to provide more personalized journeys to ensure increased conversions and better customer satisfaction.

So how can these issues be resolved? We explore the 5 ways that Visual AI can be a diamond’s best friend. 

1. Be Convenient

We have all slogged through the process of looking for a perfect bracelet or ring; multiple scrolls and clicks and back clicks before finding what we were looking for. What if we could minimize that search time? With Visual Search, the simple act of just uploading a photo of a favorite piece of jewelry becomes a magical match experience with similar items in your favorite online jewelry shop.  

Customers often find themselves frustrated and not being able to maximize the shopping experience. In fact, nearly 50% of customers said they would be willing to pay more for an experience that exceeds their expectations. With the use of Visual Search, customers can shape their own unique personalized experiences. Currently, 67% of customers make purchases through a digital window on their mobile. With a camera app conveniently located within all smart phones, brands must take advantage of this to provide improved experiences for their customers. 

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2. Be Engaging

by bringing convenience to the customers, customers will come back to buy again and again. The ease of finding desired items leads to higher customer loyalty and grows a robust actionable CRM. The rise of mCommerce is critical to success and as customers ill increasingly rely on their mobile devices and conduct more shopping through their mobiles, Brands and Retailers must react. Mobile sales reached $3.56 trillion by the end of 2021, and this number is projected to increase as shopping moves more and more online. Through the use of Visual Search, you can shorten the path between search and purchase and provide customers a more engaging and innovative way to find items. 

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3. Be Relevant

Customers almost always encounter irrelevant results when they set out to look for a specific item. This leads to higher bounce rates and bad customer experiences. The use of Visual AI will reduce irrelevant results and lead to better AOVs. Customers can ‘Shop the Look’ and find pairings for rings or bracelets that match the necklace that the customer is considering or had already put in their basket. Tools like Recommendation Carousels can expose customers to visually similar and exciting items that fit their specific requirements. Leave the irrelevant products to other online shops. 

What happens when an item is out of stock? Visually similar tools can be configured to recommend a similar product if a specific item is out of stock, which extends the purchase journey for customers. With Visual AI solutions, your brand will not be keeping customers on their enjoyable shopping journey, aiding in increasing conversions and AOVs. 

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4. Be Inspiring

Chances are consumers are not clear in their own minds with what they are looking for when they are looking for a piece of jewelry. That is where your business can give them that special source of inspiration. Being able to encourage customers to explore items suited for their style will introduce them to items that they would not have been able to find using simple older search tools. Given more motivation to purchase more items from your store, customers will oblige. Jewelry is very individualistic when it comes to styles and trends, each person will have their own unique preference and through Recommendations Carousels, consumers will be able to look at similar items but may have a unique twist to it that can inspire their purchases. 

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5. Be Part of the Future

With the increase of companies using AI to assist their different marketing and sales objectives, the jewelry industry must look towards adapting Visual AI in all future efforts. Customers are always looking for the ‘next big thing’ and if you are able to give them that “wow!” factor using Visual Search and Recommendations, not only are you retaining your customers, but you are also showcasing the tech-savvy nature of your business and show you are ready to embrace the future. Being on top of the game will allow customers to look towards you as a forward-thinking brand and be excited for what’s next to come!  

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Can Delvify Do This?

Of course! Our team at Delvify has recognized the issues that the jewelry industry faces and has curated a range of solutions to tackle those issues. Delvify’s Visual Search tool shapes highly relevant site searches and shortens the search time for consumers to find the perfect accessories. Our Recommendation Carousels can provide inspiration and through our dashboard, jewelry brands can monitor and analyze their products to understand the trends and be able to make informed product marketing decisions to drive even higher engagement rates.   

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