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top 10 eCommerce news in 2021 you might have missed

In the blink of an eye, 2021 is coming to an end and we are all preparing for what’s to come in 2022. To end the year on a good note, our team at Delvify thought we would look back at this year in eCommerce and look back at the key articles of the year to look at the always-growing industry. With the world still living with a global pandemic, the eCommerce industry has been working hard to make lives more convenient and Delvify has been a part of this too! So here’s to 2022 and for better things to come. 

1. The keys to leading eCommerce are personalization and AI. Here's why.

This year, we have seen record-shattering numbers from online shopping. Whether it be Black Friday or Singles Day, customers are all online purchasing the items that they want. Customers will often allow you to be able to track them if you are able to provide them with the relevant experiences that they want. However, data is not the only thing that will keep personalization going. Brands need to understand AI in further detail in order to elevate the experiences and in 2021, Delvify have been focusing to help brands do exactly that. 

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2. 5 trends shaping the future of eCommerce

An interesting infographic that has highlighted the growth of the eCommerce landscape and how the implementation of innovation has the numbers skyrocket. It’s predicted that the global eCommerce market is going to reach $4.2T in revenue by 2025. One of the major trends that will help shape this will be omnichannel shopping. As seen from this year, there has been a rise in personalization solutions that brands have implemented and we predict you will see more of that in the coming years.

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3. how is aI redefining the future of eCommerce industry

This year, we have found that AI was the missing ingredient in helping the retail industry reach new heights. Having your business adopt AI will have helped propel your business into the new digital world and gather a number of customers as well. Whether it be using chatbots for better customer service or Visual Search for a better CX, customers have been looking for an experience that is able to bring them from offline to online. 

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4. eCommerce personalization in a post-COVID world

One of the major elements analyzed this year is how the eCommerce space will develop after the pandemic. Given that we are still experiencing waves of the pandemic with different variants, we have nonetheless looked at the bright side this year to look forwards to what would happen afterward. It is clear that data will play a huge part to increase levels of customer engagement and brands should focus more on this in 2022. 

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5. 4 key eCommerce personalization trends to expect in 2021

In 2021, the eCommerce industry boomed, and one of the areas that personalization is seen to grow is image recognition and AI-Powered Personalization. The customer journey has to be magnified to understand all the pain points that customers have and it is clear that visual solutions are needed to make the eCommerce experience more convenient. Our team at Delvify has recognized this and has a number of Visual AI solutions that will help scale your business to the next level! 

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6. what does the future of personalization look like?

The eCommerce industry went through 10 years of growth just within 3 months during the pandemic. Marketers found it difficult to effectively understand the intent of customers and that is one of the major problems when it comes to personalization. A few key things that brands must keep in their minds is the use of first-party data, the value of retention, and also how time is an important factor to conjure a best practice when it comes to personalization. 

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7. convenience, personalization, and digitization continue to define the in-store retail experience

The lines between eCommerce and in-store retail experiences are becoming thinner, with growing customer expectations, brands have to integrate the online and offline experience. Therefore, through the use of convenience, personalization, and digitization, brands have to find the balance in order to provide their customers with the optimum experience. If the right experience is given, customers will not find personalization invasive and will be willing to provide their data for heightened convenience.  

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8. The reinvention of retail and eCommerce: the divergence between convenience and luxury

Whether you are a luxury brand or a fast-fashion brand, consumers are always looking for a tailored experience when they are shopping. For luxury brands, it will be central to the brands’ success and will be integral both online and offline. One thing that is critical for both types of brands is that consumers want to feel emotionally connected to the brand, and that can be done through customer service.

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9. gartner: 63% of marketers struggle with personalization tech

It is without a doubt that personalization is critical to an eCommerce business but not everyone knows how to fully utilize this technology. It has been found that using AI to curate more personalized customer experiences has improved customer retention rates. However, marketers are frustrated with personalization due to the distrust that consumers have with sharing their personal information. With the end of third-party cookies, it is important for marketers to find other ways to provide personalized experiences. Delvify’s Advertising AI solutions can give you a deeper insight into how you can do this, contact us for more information! 

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10. Delvify uses the power of vision to strengthen its c-suite

If you made it this far, then I’m sure you have been paying close attention to our other blogs as well. As you may or may not know, we have had the honor of Stephen Rumbelow and Giles Hunt as new additions to our team this year and are more than excited to look at the developments that will happen in the coming year. So make sure you look out for more coming from Delvify in 2022!  

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