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what's happening? eCommerce highlights - June 2021 edition

We are through with the first half of 2021 and looking forwards to seeing how things will be changing in the second half of the year! With life getting back to normal step-by-step, the eCommerce industry has not slowed down and is still changing each day. We’ve rounded up a few articles from this month that will give you a better picture of how to improve your eCommerce business. 

1. Will 'less is more' or 'more is better' online merchandising drive bigger sales?

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of choices that you get when you set out looking for one item to purchase online? You’re not alone. Many shoppers have to take a break when they are presented with so many products, the “search gap”, which helps shoppers regain their motivation and possibly make a purchase as well. Reducing this search fatigue can help with conversion rates so by enabling the users to search with Visual Search, it can help users find what they are looking for straightaway. 

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2. Face recognition is just the tip of the AI computer vision iceberg

When the term ‘Computer Vision’ gets mentioned, many people associate this with face recognition but this is not the only thing that Computer Vision (CV) is capable of. Computer Vision is trying to emulate the skill of human sight, to interpret and understand visual objects just as humans do. In this quick guide on CV you will find out the categories that utilize CV including image recognition, object recognition, video recognition, and machine vision. 

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3. How Hyper-personalization meets customer experience

Brands must continuously provide exceptional experiences for the customers that land on their page. Through exploring how to mold such an experience through hyper-personalization, brands must understand how to grasp the attention of their target audience through micro-moments and also establishing an emotional connection to add sentiment to their experience with the brand. Ultimately, by providing a hyper-personalized experience, it will make the customer feel as if your brand values their time and needs. 

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4. How MACH can transform the digital customer experience: a guide

The ever-changing needs of consumers throughout the pandemic has caused businesses to constantly change and be one step ahead to adhere to what they want. One approach that businesses have taken is MACH, which is an acronym for Microservices; API-first; Cloud-native; and Headless. This approach has allowed businesses to change up the architecture of their technology in a more scalable and replaceable way so that it can be continuously improved. 

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